Thursday, October 28

#WTFuckers?! "Dark Knight Rises"?!

So, the next Batman movie will be called the Dark Knight Rises...wtfuckers?! I'm sure it's symbolic to the story or whatever the hell Christopher Nolan is up to, but come on! My mind is always in the gutter (as with millions of other people around the world presumably) so of course to me, when I read "Rises" I see a euphemism for boners, pitching tents, wood, stiffy, Stick Stickly, etc.

But with that said, I was hired by some people to make some first draft poster ideas, and here they are!

And here's a link to a funny pic of Batman I found on the interwebs... anyway, I can't wait (despite the distaste for the title) for the new Batman adventure brought to us by the great Nolan. All hail Nolan! Bug Out!