Thursday, December 2

Throwback Thursday!

This Throwback Thursday is a classic scene from Road Trip... I just wish my old dog, Chibi, wouldve said this to me once...

Red Zebras!!! Best Songs of 2010!

Originally I was gonna do a Best Albums of the Year post, but after wiki-ing this years list, I realized that one album I was gonna list actually came out last year (Them Crooked Vultures self-titled album), so it threw my list through a little loop. So, Ill just do a best of list, song wise. And this only reflects the songs Ive had a chance to listen to this year. There may be a great song out there that I havent heard about this year, so apologies for that?

The songs are in no particular order and you should check em all out! Enjoy!
Asher Roth's "G.R.I.N.D. (Get Ready Its A New Day)" from the Spaghetti Tree
This song has been my super-villain/evil genuis theme song this year. Its about grinding, working hard, and enjoying what you already have. Very inspiring shit and so very optimistic.

Thursday, November 18

Throwback Thursday!

Theres a funny movie out there called "Something About Mary". Its in my top 5 for funniest movies ever. So many classic moments from the movie (the 7 minute abs, "unloading the gun" scene, "franks and beans", etc). But honestly, my favorite part of the movie has nothing to do with the actual story of Mary... and it takes place during the end credits. I bring to you, a song I love, "Build Me Up Buttercup". Enjoy!

Aww the good days... when Brett Favres penis wasnt a celebrity and Cameron Diaz didnt look like an infected foot ... Bug Out!

Special Message from Fump-Dibbidy!

I'm not sure if you have noticed, but I have been bulljangling on the blog. There's many factors (besides laziness) such as problems with the laptop (1st it had a virus and now it has a broken LCD screen), I've been busy trying to settle and finalize a car accident case, I've been getting ready to move out to Hollywood (yes, I'm being naive when I say "move to Hollywood"), and I've just been preoccupied working on this comedy screenplay (which is my 1st  comedic screenplay).

Screenplay wise, I usually write dramas, so working on a 120 page comedy is something new to me. Its easy to make a skit about dick and fart jokes, but an entire screenplay is tricky and it is hindering my time to devote to the blog. But hopefully after I gets a new laptop and begin to head out West, I will be able to spread my time around to all areas of Fump-Dibbidy.

So, in short... I need a fucking clone! Or at least 2 more hands... or some Mexican day laborers... Bug Out!

Thursday, November 4

Throwback Thursday! The "PERFECT CAST!"

One of the greatest Disney movies ever is a movie called A Goofy Movie (about Goofy and his son, Max, who I guess apparently has a deadbeat mother). Its a great coming-of-age story about a son, accepting his true heritage as being considered a "goof". It features many heartfelt moments and even spawned one of the greatest dances of the 90s! So, watch the video below, learn the moves, and hit the Perfect Cast next time ya out clubbin.

Tis a shame what happened to Tevin Campbell and his career... but hey, who hasnt want to go hire a undercover cop as a prostitute? Bug Out!

#WTFuckers?! Jigga for President?

So, um... Jay-Z wants to run for President in 8 years? Um... doesn't he know the Midterm elections just happened and ONLY 4.7% of black people voted (Im in that 95.3% who did not vote by the way)... so, what the hell are you thinking Jigga?

This is potentially a very bad idea, especially if he chooses Memphis Bleek as his VP... at least get Kanye West to be the VP... he already has some background in politics (Ye IS Bush's lowpoint of his presidency)...

Anyway, read more about this here. Now get ready to hear about the "Illuminattis" plot by using Jay-Z as their puppet... Bug Out!

Monday, November 1

Hippocrite Post!!! "GO VOTE"!!!

Here's a new segment for the blog... I call it the "Hippocrite Post" where I'll be hypocritical and tell you to do things that I necessarily wouldn't do myself ("do as I say, not do as I tweet/post")...
Tuesday is election day for the mid-term elections. I myself will not vote, but I strongly urge EVERYONE to go vote (especially if you're in one of those fucked up states who like to fuck up the entire nation). So, unless you wanna get politically tea bagged by some crazy ass racists (aka the Tea Party or the Republican party), PLEASE GO VOTE!

And this here is to the residents of California (soon to be my fellow Californians), FUCKIN VOTE YES ON PROP 19! I repeat, GO FUCKING VOTE YES ON PROP 19! I don't care if cocaine, crack, crystal meth, or aerosol cans are your drug of choice, GO VOTE YES ON PROP 19 ANYWAY! I will be moving there shortly and I would really like to enjoy the company of my lover/life partner, Mary Jane. If this shit doesn't pass, I'm gonna murder each and every single one of you in your dreams. So, VOTE YES ON PROP 19 or I'm gonna bludgeon you with my bong (I don't even have a bong, but Ill go buy one just so I can bash it over your head). Please, California, don't be the example we want, but be the example that we NEED!

And if Prop 19 does pass, EVERYONE is invited to me and Mary Jane's wedding. There will be a open bar, Snoop Dogg will DJ, and peanut butter sandwiches for the main entree!

So, LETS GO AMERICA! Lets not have Amsterdam be better than us in the recreational drug and prostitution category (Prop 69 is coming the next mid-term election if I remember correctly)!