Thursday, November 18

Special Message from Fump-Dibbidy!

I'm not sure if you have noticed, but I have been bulljangling on the blog. There's many factors (besides laziness) such as problems with the laptop (1st it had a virus and now it has a broken LCD screen), I've been busy trying to settle and finalize a car accident case, I've been getting ready to move out to Hollywood (yes, I'm being naive when I say "move to Hollywood"), and I've just been preoccupied working on this comedy screenplay (which is my 1st  comedic screenplay).

Screenplay wise, I usually write dramas, so working on a 120 page comedy is something new to me. Its easy to make a skit about dick and fart jokes, but an entire screenplay is tricky and it is hindering my time to devote to the blog. But hopefully after I gets a new laptop and begin to head out West, I will be able to spread my time around to all areas of Fump-Dibbidy.

So, in short... I need a fucking clone! Or at least 2 more hands... or some Mexican day laborers... Bug Out!