Monday, November 1

Hippocrite Post!!! "GO VOTE"!!!

Here's a new segment for the blog... I call it the "Hippocrite Post" where I'll be hypocritical and tell you to do things that I necessarily wouldn't do myself ("do as I say, not do as I tweet/post")...
Tuesday is election day for the mid-term elections. I myself will not vote, but I strongly urge EVERYONE to go vote (especially if you're in one of those fucked up states who like to fuck up the entire nation). So, unless you wanna get politically tea bagged by some crazy ass racists (aka the Tea Party or the Republican party), PLEASE GO VOTE!

And this here is to the residents of California (soon to be my fellow Californians), FUCKIN VOTE YES ON PROP 19! I repeat, GO FUCKING VOTE YES ON PROP 19! I don't care if cocaine, crack, crystal meth, or aerosol cans are your drug of choice, GO VOTE YES ON PROP 19 ANYWAY! I will be moving there shortly and I would really like to enjoy the company of my lover/life partner, Mary Jane. If this shit doesn't pass, I'm gonna murder each and every single one of you in your dreams. So, VOTE YES ON PROP 19 or I'm gonna bludgeon you with my bong (I don't even have a bong, but Ill go buy one just so I can bash it over your head). Please, California, don't be the example we want, but be the example that we NEED!

And if Prop 19 does pass, EVERYONE is invited to me and Mary Jane's wedding. There will be a open bar, Snoop Dogg will DJ, and peanut butter sandwiches for the main entree!

So, LETS GO AMERICA! Lets not have Amsterdam be better than us in the recreational drug and prostitution category (Prop 69 is coming the next mid-term election if I remember correctly)!