Thursday, December 2

Red Zebras!!! Best Songs of 2010!

Originally I was gonna do a Best Albums of the Year post, but after wiki-ing this years list, I realized that one album I was gonna list actually came out last year (Them Crooked Vultures self-titled album), so it threw my list through a little loop. So, Ill just do a best of list, song wise. And this only reflects the songs Ive had a chance to listen to this year. There may be a great song out there that I havent heard about this year, so apologies for that?

The songs are in no particular order and you should check em all out! Enjoy!
Asher Roth's "G.R.I.N.D. (Get Ready Its A New Day)" from the Spaghetti Tree
This song has been my super-villain/evil genuis theme song this year. Its about grinding, working hard, and enjoying what you already have. Very inspiring shit and so very optimistic.

Beck's "Ramona" from Scott Pilgrim vs the World Soundtrack
This track is off the brilliant movie soundtrack of Scott Pilgrim vs the World (if you havent seen it, PAY to see it by DVD, renting, movie tickets, etc!!!). The words may not be the greatest (Ramona is repeated over and over a lot) but it kinda drives home the idea of being in love with this one person.

Big Boi's "Hustle Blood" from Sir Lucius Leftfoot: The Son of Chico Dusty
A song produced by Lil Jon, featuring vocals from Jamie Foxx, and rapped by one half of the greatest rap duo ever. This song became a instant hit the first time I heard it (even though I admit, at first, I was kinda confused by it). A song about a guy dating a girl of a hustler, kinda a beautiful hood song.

Bruno Mars' "Count On Me" from Doo-Wops and Hooligans
I admit, at first I didnt like Bruno Mars (didnt like that B.o.B. song nor that Travie McCoy song) but after hearing this song, I became a fan. Its a song about friendship and the acousticness of it really drives the message home. I mean, who doesnt want a friend that they can count on?

Kanye Wests "Runaway" from My Dark Beautiful Twisted Fantasy
Youve heard the song, and you love it. As a self-proclaimed asshole, this has been an anthem for me. As soon as you hear the pianos simple yet effective notes, youll lose yourself in the tale of a man who hasnt learned how not to fuck up. But its all good because we all fuck up. And shoutout to Pusha T who is doing big things this year (due to being signed to Kanyes label), you sir are a great cocaine rapper (compared to other "cocaine" rappers like Rick Ross).

Kanye Wests "Monster" from My Dark Beautiful Twisted FantasyOK, I may dislike Rick Ross (for lying about not being a correctional officer) and I may really dislike Nicki Minaj (not my fault if her style is not appealin to me), but this song cranked! The beat, the delivery of a certain schizoid, and most importantly, the greatest line this year "Ill put your pussy in a sarcophagus". Nuff said.

LCD Soundsytem "Dance Yrself Clean" from This Is Happening
This one is a long track, but  you wont mind.  It starts off pretty melodic but turns into something you can really jam to. At first, the vocals are pretty lackluster, but over time, becomes more emotional and inspiring. Dont know what happened to the "Yrself" spelling, but hey, good songs usually have weird titles.

MGMTs "Congratulations" from Congratulations
This group is trippy and I love it. In this slow and melodic song, you cant help but just sit back and enjoy what youre hearing. A great song to lose your thoughts in, especially if youre high. Plus, its nice to hear someone telling you "congratulations" even though you didnt do shit.