Thursday, October 7

WTFuckers?! Christine O'Donnell is ME?!

If you havent paid attention to the news recently, there's a Republican in Delaware who is causing a uproar in the political community like when Sarah Palin first came out... but this time, O'Donnell has stepped up the crazy. You should know before watching this video, that SHE HERSELF said she dabbled in witchcraft (pre-Harry Potter days) and doesnt believe in masturbating... watch the video below...

So... she's me? If so, then she wouldn't have to say she's not a witch, seeing as I've never had to refute that in my life. Also, I am a proud masturbator (if there was a higher ranking than "mastur" I would surely have "come" to attain that title by now...maybe "generalbator"?) so there's another reason she's not me. Other reasons why she is not me...

  • I'm not white
  • I have a penis
  • I am not a Republican
  • I am not wealthy enough to run for any type of political office
  • I don't wear pearl necklaces (may have given some to girls, if ya know what I mean)
  • and lastly... did I mention I masturbate?
But I will say this, she's the sexiest ex-practioner of witchcraft I've ever seen in real life. Bug Out!