Thursday, October 7

Throwback Thursday! "Come With Me" Music Video!

Every Thursday, I'll try to post a throwback video to when times were simpler (ie. before the internet became uber cool). What we have below is two of my role models ("Puff Daddy" and Godzilla) meeting up in New York City... the result is one of the greatest rap songs to a soundtrack about a giant lizard rampaging through a city ever! Watch it below!

Why this video is great... Diddy turns into a bunch of doves after his elevator explodes through the ceiling! A full orchestra dressed in white! And Diddy says "uh huh yea" to Godzilla's face!

Shout to to Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin fame for guitar skills! Also shout out to Garcelle Beauvais for her cameo in the beginning of the video (man I miss watchin her and her "always hard" nipples on the Jamie Foxx Show)!

We need a new Godzilla movie with a new Diddy track on the soundtrack... Bug Out!