Tuesday, October 5


On October 6th, the greatest and the funniest show of all time (sorry Simpsons, Seinfeld, and Arrested Development) returns for their 2nd part of their 14th season!!! And that show, that show is SOUTH PARK!!!

For 14 seasons this show has had me on the verge of ASWL. If you're home, watch it. If you have a DVR device, DVR it and then watch it. And after the crazy summer we've just had, I'm sure Trey Parker and Matt Stone has hilarious episodes up ahead with deep, meaningful messages behind each one. There is NO other show that can mix vulgar and crude humor, with a heartfelt moral that we should try to incorporate into our daily lives.

If you're somehow NOT a fan of South Park, watch these clips below from the 1st part of Season 14, and tell me you that don't LOL a little. And if you don't LOL, then that looks bad for me, seeing as my comedy is heavily influenced by South Park's style. Anyway, enjoy the clips!

This clip is from the "Tiger Woods episode"... funny shit about "sexual addiction"... I use quotations because there is no such thing as "sexual addiction".

This clip here comes from the least funniest episode of Season 14 so far, which is still 99 times more funnier than practically everything else on TV.

And the last clip comes from the "Kanye West episode". I know you've seen this already, but this still cracks me up everytime I hear this song.

So, Wednesday night on Comedy Central at 10pm, watch (or DVR) South Park! You won't regret it (like you do with Cleveland Show). Bug Out!