Monday, October 25

New Phrase! Fump-Dibbiditionary!

This entry is a spin-off of a popular coloquial used among the young black males of America that describes a sexy white female... so I bring you...

Hitler Bunny (ˈhɪtlə ˈbʌnɪ) n. 1. an attractive white female with blonde hair and blue eyes...who is willing to do some really sick shit
Ex: "That Hitler bunny over there, looks like she'll let me give her a jelly donut."

With this one, be mindful of the company you're in while saying it. It could be taken out of context by a third-party eavesdropper, who may or may not be Jewish. With that said, Bug Out!

PS: Jelly donuts... I wish I never learned of that term... but since I know about it, I must let everyone else feel repulsed about it... sorry...