Friday, October 15

Future F-D Movies!!! "RAPE Mile"!

So, I was tweeting today and joked about making a Big Momma's House sequel called "Big Momma's Haunted House"... and then boom, an idea for a new segment for the blog. Enjoy this future cinematical treat from Fump-Dibbidy!

"RAPE Mile is the semi-auto-biographically tale of Antoine Dodson and his struggles with rapists in the poverty-stricken Atlanta. Silly Rabbit (Dodson) is just trying to make ends meet as a hair stylist. When his sister is almost raped by a bed intruder (Mystikal), Silly Rabbit and his friend Whiteboy (Roethlisberger) go on . And through these trials, Silly Rabbit must confront the real rapist in his life, his Father (Bishop Eddie Long making his acting debut playing a Catholic priest). Will Silly Rabbit make it out of RAPE Mile to attend the BET Hip Hop Awards without getting raped?"

Antoine Dodson as Silly Rabbit
Ben Roethislisberger asWhiteboy
Bishop Eddie Long as Father Boylover
Mystikal as Bed Intruder
Jason DeRulo as Silly Rabbit's Boyfriend
Tila Tequila as Hoe #1
Kat Stacks as Hoe #2
Xzibit as a Rapper Who Can Rap

So, be sure to check this out on opening night! I need that Avatar box office money! Bug Out!