Friday, September 24

Fump-Dibbidy Fictional Five Friday Feature!!!

This weeks F5 is... The Top Five Fictional Potheads I Wanna Smoke With! Or the "Damn man, you gonna pass that shit?"

5. Kumar Patel (from Harold and Kumar movie series)

From riding on cheetahs, to meeting cyclops, to meeting Neil Patrick Harris, you cannot deny that this guy
goes on some crazy adventures. He loves weed and even has that "weed sense" that master smokers acquire. He is at the 5 spot mainly because, I do NOT EVER want to be in a position to recieve a "cockmeat sandwich"...

4. Michael Kelso (from That 70's Show)

When it comes to Kelso, there's two things you need to know. He gets a lot of ass and he is a total dumbass. With that said, he would be a good smoke partner to have. If the girls he has set up are faking on putting out, then you can at least count on him to do something so foolishy stupid (like riding in a rowboat that is being pulled by a car) that you'll laugh your ass off. But you may have to take him to the hospital which is in itself, a buzzkill.

3. Sir Smoke-A-Lot (from Half Baked)

He's rich, surrounded by bikini-cladded women, and has a lot of weed. What more could you ask for? Well, maybe an less emotional pot smoker, because Sir Smoke-A-Lot may unload all his problems onto you after he is high (get ready to hear about his whorish mother and his back problems). Plus, you may end up in a music video with him! Who wouldnt want to blow smoke out in slow-mo like Snoop Dog?

2. Saul Silver (from Pineapple Express)

Now, of all the people listed in this weeks F5, this is the ONLY one who is actually a dealer himself. So, thats definitely a great reason to have him as a smoke partner. He has access to high-grade marijuana (Pineapple Express, duh) and knows how to roll a cross-shaped blunt. But beware when smoking with him. You may be betrayed by his mullet-headed friend and have to go on the run from crooked cops and other drug dealers.

1. Scooby-Doo (from Scooby-Doo, Where Are You?)

Now, technically, this dog may not be a pot smoker. He may just be getting a contact high from riding in the back of the Mystery Machine while its being hotboxed by his pot smoking friends and owner. But lets look at the facts... he's ALWAYS hungry, he's ALWAYS paranoid, and his freakin name even rhymes with "dooby". Don't tell me this dog is NOT a pot head! Anyway, even though most of his adventures are fulled with dread and fear, I think I wouldnt mind being called a "meddling kid". Scooby DOOOBY Doo!

So, check back in 2 weeks for the next installment of F5. If ya have any suggestions on topics for the future, let me know! Bug Out!