Friday, September 10

Fump-Dibbidy Fictional Five Friday Feature!!!

Every Friday (or perhaps every other Friday), I'll post a top 5 list comprised of various topics based off fictional works of art. This feature will be called the Fump-Dibbidy Fictional Five Friday Feature (or F5 for short). And with the premiere F5, I thought I'll do it on what's "hot" these days in entertainment... VAMPIRES!

So, this weeks installment will be the Top 5 Sexiest Vampires... enjoy!

5. Jessica (from True Blood)

Sweet, innocent-ish, and sexy, Jessica takes the 5th spot in the list. Mostly due to the fact that her hymen
 regrows back after intercourse, and she likes to cry blood a lot.... but besides that, she's a keeper. Just dont bring her home to mama.
4. Selene (from Underworld)

A kick-ass sexy, werewolf killer, is always a plus in my books. Body is almost non-existent, but that doesn't matter with those beautiful ice blue eyes. She can Deal my Death anytime.
3. Sophie-Anne (from True Blood)

This marks the second "ginger" from True Blood to appear on the list. Not very familiar with their vampire politics, but she is the Vampire Queen of Louisianna (whatever that means), and has a nice pad. She may not be into men anymore, but I'll play Yahtzee all night with her.

2. Satanico Pandemonium (from From Dusk Til Dawn)

The first time I seen her in 1996, I knew her and boner-inducing dance solo would be burned into my brain forever. No doubt, she has the greatest body for a vampire I've ever seen. She could've been the in the top spot, but the way she looked when she's totally vamped out, is really un-sexy... unless you're into reptillian woman... if so, eww...

1. Akasha (from Queen of the Damned)

And the top spot goes to a queen who can make other vampires burst into a ball of flames. That's pretty cool. She was portrayed by Aaliyah, who I had a huge crush on back in the day, so it is a bit biased that she will be number one for this week's list. But who cares, she was sexy and deadly as Akasha... I'll let her take a bite outta me.
So that wraps up the 1st F5. Leave a comment on what you think about the list or if you wanna share your thoughts on who you think is a sexy vamp. Come back next week for the next F5!!! Bug out!